High-end photography portfolio with some nifty features

Fashion photographer who desperately needed a website that could level with his quality of work. kool created an immersive portfolio website with a premium feel







Visual design

Motion Graphics

From the core up

We like to take your brand back to its absolute essence. What are the questions you like to ask, and why? We like to peel back the onion, and pick your brain for a while. Together, we layer your strategy from the core up to come up with the most user-friendly online or mobile experience possible

Urge for perfection

What binds us is our passion to create things that not only look impressive, but work really good as well. We can stare at our prototypes for days before we feel confident enough to move on to the design phase. We feel the urge to create digital strategies that will withstand the tests of time.

We only sign off on a project when both parties are happy. We’re quality driven. Down to earth, but reaching for the stars. By being small we can go into detail and create maximum value. We team up with our clients, and build relationships that last

kool totally changed my view on webdesign. They’ve built a gorgeous website for my photography company that radiates high-tech and yet is remarkably elegant. Very proud of the result